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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

I thought Auto Insurance is one plan that covers everything - I had no idea there were so many options, how can I tell what I need?
Yes, there are many different options when purchasing your auto insurance coverage. Each state has different laws and requirements for minimum coverage that you must carry; however, in most cases the minimum limit requirements are less than what most insureds actually need. The best suggestion would be to contact your local insurance agent or the David Lansdowne Insurance Agency to review your particular needs. The David Lansdowne Insurance Agency's knowledgeable agents can assist you in tailoring a policy to fit your needs.

How old should I be to consider purchasing Life Insurance?
Age is not the exact key for buying life insurance. The main purpose of purchasing life insurance is to provide security to someone who is dependent upon you. Generally speaking, you should be old enough that someone else in your life is dependent on you financially. For instance if you are getting married, having children, etc. In regards to age, the younger you are the lower the rates are. By purchasing coverage at a younger age can save you money over the long run by locking in to lower rates.

If I was ever in a car accident, when/how should I contact my insurance company?
You should contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible after an accident that involves bodily injury or property damage. Most insurance carriers list their claim reporting center phone number on the insurance identification card. Many carriers also have on-line reporting as well.

What does Renters insurance cover?
Renters, otherwise known as "tenants" insurance is one of the best deals in insurance. You get lots of coverage benefits for a very reasonable premium. Tenants insurance provides coverage for your personal belongings such as your clothing, furniture, appliances, etc when you are renting a residence. Another important benefit with tenants insurance is that it provides you with personal liability coverage. The personal liability coverage within your tenants policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you or covered residents of your household are legally responsible. Other benefits of a tenants policy are additional living expense or loss of use..........pays you to temporarily rent somewhere else while your residence is not livable due to a covered loss.

Will Homeowners Insurance cover EVERYTHING including jewelry and electronics?
Although most homeowners insurance policies cover an extensive list of items, all homeowners insurance policies have some exclusions and/or limitations. The David Lansdowne Insurance Agency agents will be happy to explain all the homeowners coverage to you.

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Personal umbrella insurance is meant to help protect you and your family from large and potentially devastating liability claims from either bodily injury or property damage to others. Personal umbrella coverage comes into play when your underlying liability limits from your homeowners, auto, RV, etc policy limits have been exhausted. An umbrella gives you an additional layer(s) of liability limits above your underlying coverage.

How do I know if I should get Flood Insurance?
First of all, flood insurance is excluded from homeowners insurance policies. Most anyone can purchase flood insurance regardless of where you live. However, the need for flood insurance is greatest in certain flood prone areas. If you are purchasing a new home or business and securing financing to pay for your purchase, the lending institution will advise and require you to secure flood insurance if you are in a higher risk flood zone. If you are buying property without financing you may still want to purchase flood insurance for your protection. Contact the David Lansdowne Insurance Agency for a quote on flood insurance.

Why do I need insurance for a snowmobile or ATV?
Snowmobiles, ATV's and UTV's are a significant cost to purchase new today. These big boy toys are also susceptible to theft by thieves. You put a lot of money into your machines so you don't want to be left in the cold should they be stolen. Other common physical damage losses of recreation vehicles are accidents involved when trailering your machines as well as collision or rollover while riding your machines in the country. Additionally, you need to protect yourself from bodily injury liability exposure should someone get hurt while operating your recreational vehicles.

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